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Thursday, July 12, 2007

California waves

California waves


Kevin said...

hi Alp- your work is amazing. the traditional look you achieve by digital means is very impressive. would you be willing to share some of these custom photoshop brushes you've created? i dug around your site but couldn't find if you've already made them available.

Jared Shear said...

Nice variety of images, from still life, to landscape....very cool, look forward to seeing more!

alp said...

Thanks for the nice comment Jared. i did visit your website and really like the paintig you did calld East_Hope_Marina.jpg Great style on that one .. .

alp said...

Thanks for the kind words Kevin . . . it has been months of experimenting in PS, since I use it the most . . . . I use to do it in Painter but I got a style down now with the current brush sets. I will make them available in the near future, right after my Graphic Novel " The Unknown " will be published worldwide. In the mean time here is a tip . . .try using a real brush with india ink and create various brush strokes on paper and scan them in . . .turingin them into brushes . . . the dynamic engine in Photoshop is VERY powerful, play with the setting and make sure to save the new one you create. There is a mailing list on my website, add your e-mail so I will have your contact. Cheers !

Kevin said...

alp, thanks for the tip - will give it a shot. look forward to your graphic novel.