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Friday, February 23, 2007

" THE UNKNOWN ' Graphic Novel Website

" THE UNKNOWN ' Graphic Novel has a new Website

Friday, February 16, 2007

In Class Painting

Thought I'll share this on my blog here. This is a quick 30 minuted Matte Painting I did using Photoshop, while teaching Dramatic Lighting and scenery for Film at the Art Center College and Design in Pasadena California.

" The Unknown " Promo Cover

Here is one of the promo covers I finished for my Graphic Novel " THE UNKNOWN " which will be in stores Fall 2007 worldwide in partnership with Design Studio Press and my own Independent Studio Bionic Unit Studios and Design Studio Press. This is a 178 page Art oF Book filled with 2D and 3D development concept art. But I also decided to draw the Issue#0 Comic Book which will be included on the back pages of the book. There will be 17 pages of Issue#0, several promo pinups , misc art and a sketchbook section.

Pencils: Alp Altiner
Inks: Jonathan Sibal
Colors: Steve Firchow
Logo Design: Matt Santoro